In the almost 7 months that I’ve worked here

I’ve never cried at work and I’ve never experienced such rude and disrespectful behaviour

I really just wish I could go home right now

I just don’t understand why people need to be so rude

If he was busy and couldn’t tell me he should have just said so, instead of yelling at me and hanging up, like I apologized for the hassle

And like, I don’t understand why people question me about the prices, like I don’t make the prices, this is just a part time job so fuck off, if it’s cheaper someone else than fucking shop there instead

I’m at work in the back room crying because fucking people are assholes

Like this lady gets in my face asking me why she should pay $10 more for a pair of shoes here than soft moc and I was like well if it’s the exact same shoe I can price match

So she makes the call the other store and the guy was just a complete asshole and yelled at me for calling and wouldn’t tell me the price of their shoes and hung up on me

And I just can’t deal with today

I’m going to watch season 1 of misfits again for the millionth time