yahoo has an article about a plus size bikini from Swimsuits for All that is called the “fatkini”

i decided to read the comments on the article

i’m appalled by what I read

"look at that whale"

"grab the harpoon"

"she looks like a water buffalo"

"no one wants to see your blubber" 

"fat disgusting pig should stay behind closed doors"

"she’d look better in a burka"

"I don’t want to see fat pigs at the beach"

"plus size will never be sexy"

society is disgusting

all of these comments were made by men, hiding behind their computers

it really is sad, how do people expect plus size women to have self confidence and a healthy body image when these are the things people say about them

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    I actually thought she looked really pretty :/ I’m honestly a lot less heavier than she is and I don’t think I’d be able...
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    She is just beautiful! She looks so happy and is totally rocking that swimwear! The men that commented that are...
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    She’s beautiful! Though why the heck do they call it a fatkini? Just. Call. It. A. Swimsuit/Bikini.
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    As much as those comments are horrible I can guarantee that many of those comments were written by women
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    I read the comments u stated above but u also said its being called a “fatkini” and didn’t mention how messed up that is...